DramFest 2018 Terms & Conditions of entry and participation

DramFest 2018 Etiquette - the expectations of attendees:

  • DramFest is a strictly R18 event - please bring a valid form of identification if you appear under 25 years old

  • DramFest is a whisky education weekend - it is about enjoying whisky in moderation and in a controlled environment, and intoxication will not be tolerated

  • Water, a range of substantial food and alternative transport options are available at all times during the event

  • Your entry and participation at DramFest is at all times at the sole discretion of Whisky Galore, the organizers of the event

  • This is a public event and as such the organizers will be actively filming, photographing and documenting the event in all public spaces during the course of the two days. By attending and participating in this publicly held event you are giving Whisky Galore the permission to use this imagery of you to promote DramFest and other Whisky Galore events. If you do not wish for your likeness to be used in this manner, please contact Whisky Galore at info@whiskygalore.co.nz or phone 0800 944 759, or discuss this with us at the time.

  • DramFest 2018 takes place at the Horncastle Arena - please see their conditions of entry which you must agree to at http://www.vbase.co.nz/venues/horncastle-arena